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A digital monitor manufactured in 2010.

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The LED lights aren't lighting up.

Why aren't the LED lights lighting up anymore? They used to light up green and now they don't light up at all.

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If you are using AC adapters for both the parent unit and the nursery unit ensure that they are both plugged into working outlets and switched ON.

If you are using the units on batteries, ensure that the rechargeable battery in the parent unit is fully charged and that the 3 AAA batteries in the nursery unit are still OK.

Here is a link to the user manual,

Scroll down to the section "Using AC adapters" it explains how to test the Nursery unit.

If the nursery unit does not light with either the AC adapter or new batteries (if adapter is OFF) it is faulty.

If the Parent unit does not show green LEDs it is either a faulty AC adapter (make sure it is switched ON and connected to a working outlet), which is not powering the unit and also charging the rechargeable battery, or a faulty unit.

Here is a link if you wish to obtain replacement parts

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