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The Motorola DROID MAXX is the successor to the Motorola DROID RAZR HD.

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Retrieving text messages with broken screen

My screen is broken, I can not interact with the phone. Is there a way to get my text messages transferred from this broken phone to a new one?

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If your screen works but not the touch facility try this.

Buy an OTG (on the go) cable suitable for your phone. This will enable you to connect a mouse so that you can navigate thru your phone, as you need to alter some settings before you can connect your phone to a PC

Download a program to your PC called Coolmuster Motorola Data Recovery, Install the program then connect your phone to the PC and hopefully the program will allow to to download your texts

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You need to purchase a new assembly for the phone and follow the guide here on ifixit. Otherwise most repair shops can do this for for around $120 or so.

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