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Released May 2002, Identified by the GX260 marking around the power button.

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<Reboot Stops Short of loading Desktop Icons with Blue screen

While previously working on computer i would get Alerts to check my hard drive for errors but when i checked hard drive with purchased software it supposely fixed errors with hard drive and startup speed of computer. So when startup computer mouse and keyboard was working i would have nothing but a blue screen and the hard drive light by the power button was active too but never got any further. I could pull-up task manager and run only certain task like firefox and it would work ok with internet connection......I tried to pullup other executables, but only get so far before my browse for files would disapear from screen. Tried to load exployer, but it won't let me get that far with browsing to exe file also tried to load desktop file with icons to try to load some other app but no luck. would this be a Hard Drive going bad in certain sectors? last thing trying to boot, audio doesn't come on while boot is executing, but i see floopy disk light then cd rom light come on then only only power button light flashing and stops with blue screen and no desktop icons.....................Any Ideas........ TIA

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You might be right.......I got it to use Malwarebytes in Safe/Network mode and ran Anti-virus (Free AVG Anti-virus)too, rebooted and system came up,

but still running slow as molasses but sound came back too...........Looking at Task Manager and scvhost.exe gets multiple task running with large amounts of

Memory untill I delete them and Firefox.exe goes to 100% of memory and then falls-off unpredictable to normal memory use. Can't explain a yoyo really strange?

Any new thoughts or stickin to your first hunch?.............TIA


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Hughy, sounds to me like your purchased software is the root cause of this. I would suggest that you start of by reinstalling your operating system. your issues sound software, not hardware related. I'd get rid of that software and do not use it.

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