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Released October 2014

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Beats MIXR Red headband broke


I'm from Russia, Moscow. Unfortunately the headband of my Beats MIXR red was broken. Cord is OK, rubber band is ok too.

Tried to fix them myself, it's alright, I can do it for sure, but the matter is that I can't find the original part needed. Almost all services in Moscow have CN-fakes. The official APPLE services offer only the replacement of broken Mixr by new, and as it's out-of-warranty period they offer me to return my broken headphones and to buy new for nearly the full price.

Do you have this part on the stock? Can you send it to Russia?

If it is not possible to send parts to Russia, here is another opportunity. I also have friends and relatives in the USA, you also may send the part to the US address.

Thanks in advance!


Galina Vlastopulo

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eBay or etsy for sure for parts

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