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The Canon EOS Rebel T3, also known as the 1100D, is a continuation of Canon's entry-level line of DSLR cameras, the Rebel series. It features an 12.2 MP sensor and a DIGIC 4 image processor.

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replacing main board after water damage

water bottle in backpack broke and camera got soaked. Dried it out, worked o.k. for about 2 years but now it is focus hunting and won't shutter. Had it looked at by repair shop, said main board needed replacement. Wanted over $200., I only paid $300 for camera. Wondering if I can replace the main board without too much trouble and where I can get a board and approx. cost.

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take out the bottom screws, take off the hot shoe and lens and sensor then soak the main board in water and take a brush and put some denatured alchihol on it and scrub the board then dry and reassemble

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