Static noise on the other end of the line?

So a customer came in, it's his girlfriends phone, I didn't get to test, he says whenever a call is made or received, the person on the other end of the line, his phone and other phones they've tried this problem with, as soon as the other person starts talking a static noise starts going off on the other phone. Got me baffled. Any ideas guys?

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My girlfriends phone has the same issue. I bought the iPhone 6 from Universal Goods, at Amazon, and the phone is driving us crazy. Help please!!!


I didn't get the option. But I'm guessing it just needs a new speaker camera flex assembly. If you try this, post your findings here. So we can know


Also, the noise is present when she records audio messages on Whatsapp and sometimes on Snapchat slightly before it goes mute. She took the phone to a repair store and the guy said that he replaced some part and noise continued so he wanted the phone to stay for a couple of days. We couldn't leave it there because we were about to travel.


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