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Android smart phone, has a full "qwerty" keyboard and touchscreen.

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Why can't I see anything when I try to take pictures?

I am able to use the camera but what I see on the screen is blurry and very bad quality. Even taking the picture comes out bad.

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The reason why your camera might not be working or your pictures are not coming out right might be because of the camera setting on your phone. If you have changed any of the settings since having your phone try changing it back. Check your filters and settings to make sure they are on auto.

It might be the case that your camera is not clean or something is blocking the camera. Clean the lens with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol/glass cleaner.

Check the camera for cracks or other abnormalities. If this is the case replace the camera using the guides provided.

Remplacement ment de la caméra du Motorola Droid Pro

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