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Does Ifixit sell original Apple Adaptor?

Hi! I need to replace my AC adapter. The 85w Magsafe1 adapter is currently not available at the Apple stores here in Mumbai, India. I am recommended that I buy from iFixit. Does iFixit sell original Apple parts? What kind of Warranties does it come with? How does the warranty work for purchases from Mumbai, India? Does iFixit have a presence in india?

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I manage to locate and Buy a piece from a Reliance Digital- a local Premium Reseller. Thanks very much for the support.


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Yes they do, please check the link Apple MagSafe 1 AC Adapter regarding the warranty details please check it The iFixit Warranty

I did purchase a display strip and got it shipped via aramex as i had an account with them. So i didnt really care about the shipping procedure.

Image Apple MagSafe 1 AC Adapter


Apple MagSafe 1 AC Adapter


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iFixit has a Euro presence and the shipping may be much cheaper to India from there.

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Thanks Mayer. The Eustore does not seem to have this item. And does not accept an India add


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