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The Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d is an all-in-one color inkjet printer released in 2008.

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laser printer AIO scanning and faxing streaks

my MF4350 started to scan and copy with streaks today.

Prints fine from the computer, so it's not the toner or other element of printing.

Is there more to a scanner than the bulb?

Can the bulb be had as a part?

Or is it time to toss in the tower and buy a new one?

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If the streaks that are being produced only occur when using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and not when making a copy via the platen glass, the issue is commonly due to small marks or debris on the scanning glass area that lines up underneath the ADF roller. Small smudges on the platen glass can cause "streaks" to be produced as every inch of the paper fed via the ADF passes over the area and is picked up by the scanner. The ADF roller is located on the left and underside of your lid. The scanning light sits in this area when using the ADF.

If it occurs when using the platen glass you will need to carefully and fully clean the glass in the scanning area. There can also be a strip of transparent plastic on which there can be a mark or smudge. Look for scratches, tiny spots and marks of any sort. You can use a soft lint free cloth either dry, or just very lightly moistened to clean the glass. and you may have to scrub (gently) to remove certain types of marks.

You may also wish to clean the underside of the lid.

NOTE: do not spray a cleaning solution onto the glass.

After cleaning the platen glass, run four to five blank/clean pages through to test it and see if the streaks still appear.

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Really great answer. iFixit and the people who come here are very lucky to have your expertise.


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Mine did the same so I cleaned the clear plastic cover that is at the left of the scanner. If it gets dust under it you will see streaks when you use the auto feed portion of the scanner. Mine also printed fine it was just when using the auto feed. Now it works like new. Hope this helps.

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Thank you! The streak on the autofeed has been vexing me for far too long! Taking it apart and cleaning it worked great! This will be a huge time saver because the when I use the autofeed function it seems to scan faster! Cheers!

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