Display housing case replacement instructions

I have found a replacement Aluminium lid from Ali express but your site only shows instructions to heat and detach a 2010 LCD screen to change a dented lid over.

I have a Md102 Macbook Pro 2012 13 " and according to the seller and brief details it states 2011 2012 macbook Pro 13 " exactly the same aluminium housing case lid only but no instructions for the same procedures to just change a dented lid on the 2012 display page with instructions numbered with intricate step by step details of how to change the lid or the whole screen and lid which I don't need.

Can this Aluminium lid from AliExpress fit my laptop with the same instructions as the 2010 housing display lid replacement by heating the screens glue to detach the LCD display with suction cups to re-attach the perfect screen.

100%New Original Laptop screen housing For Macbook Pro A1278 LCD LED Screen Case MC700 MD313 2011 2012 Years


(from AliExpress Android)

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