How-To find and order the right parts

Hello, I'm quit new in the business and don't want to make silly mistakes, like order the wrong parts. So this is why I would like to ask you, for a little tutorial.

Until now I was fixing displays, batteries, flex cables and all the easy things.

But now, I got a pretty water damaged iPhone 5s, caused by a washing machine.

I found a scheme and can identify messed up / missing parts.

Only thing I don't get, is where and how to find the 100% right replacement part.

Sites I have been looking, are MOUSER and DIGIKEY but there are pretty many or none results for one component.

For example damaged parts are :

C329: 22uf 20% 10v x5r-cerm 0603

C131: 10uf 20% 25v x5r-cerm 0603

L9_RF: 2.5uh-30%-0.7A-0.24ohm 0603

With these parts, I go on and search for the specifics : 2.5uh 30% 0.7a 0.24ohm

How do I know, which one is the right?

Further problem is a missing

R3001: ???

What is it and how do I find out its specifics ?

And my last question are the chips U23 or the A7 processor for example.

where can I find these chips and how do I have to search them?

Would be really nice, if somebody could give a little tutorial

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