How to hard reset when the software is looping on restart?


I was running an app on my phone when my battery went dead. 5 minutes later i proceeded to to charge my phone and everything was normal so i left it charging and went back to see my patients. I returned 1/2 an hour later to find a BLUE SCREEN which restarted and saw the blue screen again and again. I didn't panic since i've recently joined the windows insider, i proceed home as normal and sought out solutions online that's when i found out about the "hard reset". I did the key combinations and got the exclamation mark "!". less than a minute later there was a blackout and my battery went dead before i could've completed the remaining combinations for the hard reset. :( Now the phone is CAUGHT IN A LOOP when try to get the exclamation mark to complete the hard reset. when the down button is held upon powering on it just vibrates and restarts OVER and OVER. HELP! SOLUTIONS URGENTLY NEEDED! :( :( :(

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