How to replace earbud side of cable

So the cable on BOSE IE2s are not great. They have started to become brittle and showing the inner copper wiring. I am looking to replace the cable from the earbud side down to the 3.5m jack. I know I will be able to solder the replacement cable from about 1inch down the earbud side and heat-shrink over the whole area to the earbud end, but i would like to ideally replace the cable from the actual earbud.

My question, how do i dismantle the Bose IE2 earbud to get to the actual wire connection? It seems to have fused plastic.

Whats the best way to "unfuse" this? would the heat of a hair-drier be enough or would it need to go into an oven?

There seems to be a 5mm section of round black plastic at the base which will need to be removed (and sacrificed, no issues with that) but its the fused plastic that i dont know how to open.

Any suggestions would be great

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