My flash won't go off after updating to 9.1, no water damage.

So Updated to 9.1.

Never had water damage and now all of a sudden my light LED won't go off.

Steps taken so far:

1. Soft reset.

2. Hard reset.

3. Set screen lock to never then 1 minute.

4. 3" drop to a book a few times.

5. Just in case I even left the video on with light on to heat up and drain battery and stuck the phone in a ziplock full of rice in case it was humidity. After a week the light was still on.

Also after last update prior to 9.1 noticed my battery was having battery life issues all of a sudden and had ordered battery and charge port replacement.

Replaced the battery and charging port.

6. Even after battery and charge port replacement the light still won't go off.


Anyone have another suggestions that I have not tried yet to resolve this?

Needless to say I think I'm done with apple products :/

Phone had no issues till the last two times I updated my phone it almost seems like they try to ruin your phone with updates to get new ones.

I resisted updates for a long time and the phone was running great till a few apps I used a lot required the new updates to run.

Please help with any suggestions on light want to squeze as much life as I can off my 4s before getting a different phone. TY.

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