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How do I fix my internet issue with Lenovo laptop

I have Lenovo laptop and it was working fine since i purchased yet. One day suddenly it won't connect to my internet and start giving error won't connect and troubleshoot.I tried to troubleshoot but it didn't go through.How can i fix my internet problem?

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2 solutions

It would have helped get answers if you included the model number, since Lenovo made a lot of different models, and some solutions only help with certain ones. That said, on most of them there's a slide-switch, front or side, which turns WiFi on/off.

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Make sure that the WiFi card is active on the Lenovo computer. To do this, press Fn + F5 to activate the WiFi card and connect to the Wireless network.

If you still cannot activate the WiFi device, you will need to install Lenovo's 3rd party software on your computer. For example, on some models, you can easily activate the WiFi card after installing "Lenovo Energy Management".

If you want to try, you can download this application from '''here''' to your computer. The pictures describe how to use the program.

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