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What are you looking for when you buy Phone screens from ebay?

Hi guys,

I have just learned how cheap phone screens ( glass, LCD, digitizer) can be when looking at Ebay prices (not big Ebay user, because i live in Europe).

What do you usually look for when buying new screen for your phone, to know that you bought good one?

Or is it most of time you can not know before screen arrives to your door.

(buying screen for Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 )

Thanks, have good one

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For me when I have had to change my screen in my Galaxy, there wasn't much to decide from, the really important this is to make sure to get what you need, glass digitizer or the LCD. That is the big thing that I look at before I check for what to get, after that I look to see what things will be required to fix that part along with whats more convent.

If there is just a surface crack the screen it is just the glass digitizer

--Knowing samsung, the glass is glued to the LCD and it can be separated and swapped out.

---you would need to get LOCA glue (if it doesn't come with the glass) and a UV light to dry the glue

If you see black lines or if there is a crack under the glass (or both) then you'll need a LCD.

---from experience it is easier to just get a full LCD with the frame attached and swap the inner parts.

----for this just make sure that the LCD and frame are the same or comparable model (i.e. a Sprint body wouldnt fit and AT&T body because of the sim card)

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thanks man very informative.


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I pay just a little more and get them from a reputable seller and a lifetime warranty, from iFixit. Getting crap off eBay is to much of a waste of time and effort. Buying by price alone can be very expensive.

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I agree 100% with you and i would love support site like Ifixit, but this model of samsung phone is little bit more rare and price difference with so called OEM parts and ebay is is five fold ( 30-40usd ebay and "OEM" websites 180 usd). This was the reason, what made me little bit suspicious about the quality of the product.

Thanks for you answer, nice see other peoples opinion.


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