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The Samsung SPH-M360 is flip-style cellular phone created by Samsung Electronics America Inc. It was released Oct. 31, 2010.

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Why will my phone not charge?

When I plug my phone in, the battery will not charge and the phone will not turn on, no matter how long I charge it. Occasionally, if the phone has been plugged in long enough, the screen will read "Charging Error".

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It could be one of three problems. The first being a dirty charging port, if that's the case try cleaning it out with canned air or something similar to make sure you will have a solid connection between the charger and the port. The second problem could be a loose connection of the charging port to the logic board, if that's the case check the connection at the logic board and ensure its properly connected and fastened down. Lastly, it could be a bad logic board in which case you would need to get a replacement.

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Thanks..scoping a friend's old phone out for probs...


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I had a similar problem with my ZTE phone. Changing the charger solved the problem

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