PS3 won't take or eject discs

My PS3 refuses to take or ejects discs, unless i hold the Eject button for 10s, so the motor should at least be fine. I checked numerous videos on what to do when putting back a PS3 Blu Ray Drive, but it seems to boil down to the Sensor Board. If i push the two white switches (each one on its own or both at once) nothing happens. I also bought a new Sensor Board, but the same problem persists.

The rest of the drive works just fine, if i remove the insert/eject mechanism, put a game in and the magnet on top, it spins and plays the game just fine. Since all of that is working i would rather not have to buy a whole new drive.

Only two parts i am can suspect now is the ribbon band that connects sensor board to disc drive board OR the disc drive board, better said some electronic parts on there. In attempt to semi-check the ribbon band i pulled it out on both sides, flipped it and put it in reverse, but still the same behavior of working motor, but no working switches.

Model: CECHH04

Sensor Board: BL1-002

Laser: KEM-310A0A 1

I hope you guys got some input for me of what else i could try.

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