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The iOpener is an insulated, heat-retaining bag that can be heated in a microwave and used to transfer heat to the adhesive along the edge of an iPad or similar device.

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Microwave substitute for IOpener

So i don't own microwave and i don't think we can(we want to get one but we have $@$*!& Al cables that can't handle too much current and it's connected that so all sockets are connected together (and ceramic fuse)

anyway, can i heat it in oven reliably? i know that it's Microwave designed.

i can't do it in friend's houses

heating water in kettle and pouring it on it is bad idea?

i have IR lamp (250W) and heating it that way is also bad idea?

(i didn't get iOpener to use heatgun)

let me know what you come up with!

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I did the water kettle method last night, however, I mixed boiling and cool water until it was at around 160℉-180℉ (I just used a meat thermometer to test) and then I left the iopener in the water for a few minutes (maybe 5 to 10 minutes?)

I didn't have any issues, but I think it was essential that it wasn't straight boiling water.


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As you know, none of these alternative heating methods are recommended, so use at your own risk. And heating plastics and unknown materials in an oven that you prepare food is generally not a good idea, although the iOpener is designed to be heated in your home microwave so it should be safe.

IR would work. If you have a hairdryer or heat gun you can heat the iOpener with that too. If you're going to try the oven get a bowl big enough to hold the iopener and get a bunch of marbles/pebbles/uncooked (raw, hard - not canned and soft) beans or chickpeas or similar and fill the bowl with that with the iopener in the middle of the marbles. They'll keep the heat even.

You don't need the iopener to be super hot - it should be 180F/80C when in use. And you want to gently raise the temperature. If I were heating it in an oven I'd probably set the oven to 250F to start experimenting with and see how that works. It will take alot longer to heat in the oven. Take it out every few minutes to check that it's not burning/melting.

And with all of that said, the iOpener is nice for new repairers but you won't find many, if any, professional shops using them. Virtually all use hot air or a hot plate. You can make a simple hotplate on a stove top using a frying pan or similar and something to accurately measure temperature. The temperature of the pan should be kept at 80C or so. The iphone/ipad/whatever is laid face (glass) side down and left there till hot.

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OK you kinda give me ideabut something sounds kinda unrealistic

if the iOpener is heated to 80C (bloody fahrenheit....)

and if the adhisive melt at about 80-90C

then it would be inpossible to do it since you'll alweys get losses in thermal transfer ? (physics....)

does smb know that's the maximal temperature to use it? and what's the liquid inside? (i don't think it's water

...maybe Glycerol ?

boils at 290C and isn't toxic also ifixit said somewhere that if used incorrectly it could burst into flames and it has flash point of about 160-180C so it coulb be it (maybe mixed with water or so)

also what's that thin plastic? what's the temperature i can't use it anymore? (so i'll go bit lower)

any ideas?

and i'll maybe design some hotplate (40-120C)

(like ironplate and peltier module (i have skill to copper and zinc plate so it should look good))

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