Earpiece Receiver not work possible fault found, NEED HELP PLZ


I recently wrote a couple of questions regards a couple of faults with my iphone 6,

One was poor signal and the other was not being able to hear others when on a call,

Well considering i did need not get much help i decided to dig a little further into the motherboard regarding the earpiece fault after oldturkey3 on here mentioned in another post about four possible capacitors.

I have now found that the fault could be result of one of these capacitors is actually missing from the board, from schematics this part is listed as FL1151 - 70-OHM-25%-0.28,

Luckily for me the gold tabs are still in place so im assuming i can fix this, i do have the equipment to do so

The question i need to ask, can i find this part on any other iphone device to use has a doner?

If you could let me know i would be extremely great-full

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