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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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No optical drive means extra space?

This laptop does not have an optical drive, but it looks like it still has the cut-out on the side (See image).

I looked at some of the disassembly images, it seems like there's just some space where an optical drive would have been. I have an Xbox one wireless controller adapter which I keep connected to an usb port most of the time. The dimensions of the cut-out looks like the wireless adapter can easily fit in there.

I'm thinking of making a small slot from the opening of the optical drive cut-out where I can put the wireless adapter into when moving the laptop around.

Can anyone confirm if this can be done? Thanks in advance!

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I too have a empty hole where the Blu-ray/dvd should go. I bought a internal drive for hole but thought it was a 12.7mm drive opening but found out it's a 9.5mm; so I turned the drive into a USB 3.0 external. I wouldn't mess with your controller, if you need extra USB 2.0 port just buy a hub ( I have 1 for 2.0 & 1 for 3.0). If your controller can handle 3.0 go that way (it's faster), if not then 2.0 is fast enough for your controller. I have a PS3 controller and it's USB 2.0 (fast enough).

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