Why doesn't my phone recognize new battery after hard reset?

Ok so I have replaced 4 batteries previously without any issues in friend's phone using the ifixit tools and method. 2 days ago I installed a battery and the phone booted up but showed an empty battery bar and said 2% charge when put on a charger. Charged 24 hours same issue. I then tried to put the old battery back in. Also showed an empty bar (when I removed the old battery initially it was at 64% of it's original capacity and about 80% charged). I took out the old battery and put in the new one, still no luck and tried one last time. It worked and battery life said it was 94% charged and 94% of it's original capacity. After charging overnight the charge capacity still showed the same. The phone was operating normally. But I decided to do a hard reset because it was fully charged and only showing it charged at 94%. Prior to the reset the phone functioned as normal no resets. After the reset the phone now shows battery as NA in battery life and will shut down after a few minutes of use. Any advice as to what is going on? I thought it might be the logic board at one point but it seemed to be working fully functional for a few hours until the hard reset.

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