Monitor image freezing for several seconds


I have a Dell E2210 ( ) and the image started freezing for about 5 seconds. The image stays completely still (computer doesn't freeze), while the brightness increases over those 5 seconds, then the image refreshes again and the monitor starts responding.

At first it was happening only once every 15 minutes, but then the frequency of the freezes started increasing. Right now I get a freeze every 10 seconds, making the display useless.

I have already managed to open it up, hoping that the problem would be obvious to spot, but couldn't find anything wrong.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the faulty piece?

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Do You Have Intel Graphics ?


Connect the monitor to another computer and see if it still has the same issues. This could be video card related and not be a monitor issue.


It does this even without a computer connected - there's that floating "No input signal detected" window that keeps on moving, then stops in place and starts getting brighter and brighter. When it unfreezes, the floating window appears in a different place (it doesn't resume the smooth movement), so I'm pretty sure it's not computer related.


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