Can't call, but can use internet and text...

I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S5 16 gb device just I just got. I'm able to text and use data just fine. However I can't call out, and people can't call me. Has anyone had this issue before and what have you done to fix it? Below is a list of what I've tried so far:

Turned device on and off

Checked for airplane mode(its turned off)

Checked to make sure call forwarding isn't enabled(populates as a network or SIM card error before I can actually get to the section to turn on or off but the feature itself is turned off)

Checked online to see if my carrier is having outages in the area.

Removed battery and sim card. Waited a few before putting them back in.

Also something weird that also happens, every time I call out, or try to, it tells me that the number I am trying to call is either unavailable or disconnected. I've tried several numbers from my moms phone number to my boss and my boyfriend.

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Hi, You say you can text, can you receive texts as well? What happens when people (or you from another phone) try to call your phone? Are you connected to the right carrier? Have you inserted the correct SIM card?


It's OK now. Everything was done right on my part. Apparently, someone at my office didn't enter something in right into the system. I wasn't the only one having this issue. It has since than been resolved.


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