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La Xbox 360 est la deuxième console de jeu de Microsoft, sortie le 22 novembre 2005.

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Hard Drive upgrade from 60 GB to 250 GB without special software

Everywhere I read that you need a specific WD Hard drive to replace the HD of the Xbox 360.

I understand that part but what is my problem is the need for this HDDHackr and 360XPlorer software which I can not use because I have a old PowerPC Mac.

Is it possible to install the barebones drive within the existing HD case and let the Xbox 360 itself do the formating? Will doing this ban me from Xbox live?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Yes, any alterations to the Hard drive not done properly would get you banned from X-Box live.


That is what I thought, looks like I have to buy the $130 MS drive then.


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Well, you would think since the XBOX is PPC based there would be tools in the OS X world. Uh, you may be able to install the "correct" model drive and have it recognized by the console. The reason for the tools is that you need to move the signature files off the old drive to the new, and format the drive in a manner that the 360 "likes."

The reason for the specific drive is due to the 360's on board BIOS not recognizing most hard drive cylinder/head/sector layouts.

Find a windows box or a friend with one. . .

Hope this helps.

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