Ipad Mini needs refreshing often

My Ipad Mini needs refreshing often when it disconnects from the internet. At first it was about once a month, then more often until now it happens every day and sometimes several times a day.

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By refreshing I mean, you hold down the "on" button and the "off" button for 15 seconds or until the white apple appears on the black back ground screen. The first time I didn't know and after a short time the apple leaves and the opening screen appears. The problem happened after that randomly. I would look for my local weather TV apt and it would tell me I was not connected to the internet again! Now I need to do the refresh everyday, some times more. I thought memory was the problem, so I got rid of pictures I did not need. That didn't help, so I dumped all apes I didn't need and that didn't work either. So I appeal to you guys for a clue about this problem!


I found the answer myself! I removed pictures I didn't need first. Then I removed apts I didn't need. Finally I cleared out all other memory items, deleted messages, sent messages, etc. That did the trick! Don't let the memory fill up with stuff you don't need!

Thank you, all that looked at this problem, though you didn't have an answer to give me. I hope that someone else can use this fix if they have a similar problem!


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