Backlight , water damaged, doesnt turn on

[EDIT: What's wrong with my question? Has it been discussed somewhere already? Is it to vague?]

Hi guys!

After a major waterspill on my macbook the backlight does work only sporadicaly.

(probably after causing a short on the board in the area of the backlight circult it doesnt turn on anymore, even fan isn't working )

I took some measurements from the backlight circuilt on the Logicboard in diodemode:

Can you pleeease help me troubleshooting it? :/

I will be eternally grateful.

It's the 820-3536 board.

Block Image


I'm using the DT830B in Diodemode.

SMC_FAN_0_CTL : 105

SMC_FAN_0_TACH : 700

FAN_RT_PWM : 390

PP5V_S0 : 433

PP18V5_DCIN_FUSE : 783

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Did you check the inside and teeth of display port connector already I ask cause your getting backlight on and off.


Thanks for replying John!

I'm away from home for christmas, I'll take a closer look on the connector as soon as I'll get back. However it looked pretty good at first glance.

Happy christmas!


You edit again but have not answered the question I asked in comments, the sporadic on and off leads me to believe there is something going on in the cable or connector. You start measuring with the voltage before diode mode.


Yes, I did cause some sparks (in the backlight circuit) to fly before figuring out how to properly measure in diodemode -.-

Hm, I may have overlooked your comment at that time, sorry not sure anymore.

Are the measurements I took afterwards any good?


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