Did I fried my board?

Recently I had attempted to re-solder my Macbook Pro 17’ Late 2011, the first time I done it, it came back to life but very quickly it die again, so I done another re-soldering, but it still wont work. So I thought maybe I didn’t melt the solder completely, I attempted the third time, this time I heat it a little longer. The first and second time I heat it for around 45 second (450 C), the third time I heat it for 55 second (450 C). But after the third attempt, my Macbook Pro can no longer switch on. When I click the power button, the fan spin a little (less than 1 second) then stop, it stuck in the same pattern until I hold the power to power off, it have no chime, no video, no beeps( I remove all ram), it can hold a charge, I can still check the battery percentage. Then I attempt to reset the SMC by holding left shift and option and control. This time when I click the power button, the fan run at full speed, but it won’t hold a charges, I cannot check the battery percentage (from the left hand side button). If I reattach the battery, it would go back to the original state, spin a little bit then stop. Reset SMC, there goes the second state I described. Did I just fried my board? Please help, Thank you.

Note: I use a heat gun to blow the GPU chips, I put aluminum foil to cover every other parts of the board.

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What was the original problem with it? is it i5 processor?


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