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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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My phone wont download anything

I have went and bought a memory card and put in my phone and it shows there is plenty of memory on it but the phone will not allow me to download anything else from the play store... I have no apps at all but the Facebook and that's it... Tells me there is not enough storage space available to download any of the apps ... How do I fix it

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Its just that what ever you have downloaded or the files that are stored (Photos, Videos) They are still in phone memory go to file manager and move it to memory card.

And go to settings and application manager where you can see the list of applications downloaded if you click on it you can see an option to move the application to Memory card or phone memory. Keep in mind that only few apps can be moved from phone to storage not all.

Hope that helps.



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I haven't the same problem and nothing will download onto it, even though I set it to download onto the SD card


Check in the application Manager there is some app that is eating more ram your phone might be limited with less RAM!


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My phone doesn't download videos

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