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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Mac Mini 2010, fan full speed, but reads 0 rpm


Second hand Mac Mini with a problem here. Fan is going full speed (I can hear it loud and clear), but reads 0 RPM.

Software, like Macs Fan Control or smcFancontrol to lower the speed won't work (can't go lower then 0 RPM, so seems obvious).

I'm missing 2 temperature sensors (the ones attached to the HD), which are coming in next week, however in my common sense that should not be the reason for tools to read the fan speed at 0 RPM.

Am i missing a problem here somewhere ? Another loose connector or missing sensor or something ?

SMC and PRAM reset will not work. Tried it. Sensor to Superdrive works fine.

Any idea ?


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The issue is the tach inside the fan unit and how it communicates to SMC. This is were the connection of the fans connector could be backwards, or the logic board got damaged in the process of taking off the connector. There is a small resistor just behind the connector that some poeple pop off in the process of pulling the connection.

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I will have a look at the board if the resistor got damaged, but i think it was fine. Otherwise i will order a new fan, see if that solves the problem.

Thank you so much for your replies so far, really appreciated!


I have the same problem - 0 rpm readings yet the fan spinning at full speed.

I noticed the technician who swapped my hdd for an ssd popped the resistor you're talking about. Anything I can do besides replacing the logic board...?


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The sensors are what allow the temperature to be read. Without those the machine will most defiantly do as you have described. That is why you hear the noise from the fan but cant get a appropriate reading because the sensor is missing. Do you know if the hardware is all original?

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Hi Stuntman,

Thank you for replying.

Yes of course no temperature without the sensor and lots of fan noise, but why does the fan read 0 RPM? Doesn't make sense to me.

All hardware is original.


You may have flipped the connector around. Also the fans tachometer unit maybe bad.


When you replace the HD don't forget to remove the sensor from the old drive and reconnect it to the new one.


2 Sensors connected and hardware test nog gives no more errors. However still full speed fan but reading 0 rpm :(


You may have connected the cable connector the wrong way.


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