Problems with Eaton EX 2200 UPS


Does anyone have a link to the Eaton EX2200 UPS please. I got a unit that is not working well. It displays the following symptoms:

+ All three leds light up but there is nothing on the display.

+ The on-off switch does not seem to work. Pressing it does nothing.

+ After plugging it into the supply for a short while the fans are operational but when I unplugged it there was no way to stop it until the power in the batteries ran out.

+ I managed to find an instruction manual to get to the battery unit but could not find how to get to the units circuits.

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Here is a link to the manual. (I think) Apologies if you have it already

The way I read it, having three LEDs on indicates 1. Device protected by UPS -2. No AC - 3. A fault has occurred.

Try scrolling to section 4.3 and see if the changing the personalization mode settings can get a display showing.


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