Pedals are not sending correct input to the wheel

I have a Mad Catz® Pro Racing™ Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One® and my pedals are no longer working properly. They were working fine until a week ago and they haven't working right since. In certain menus where the pedals affect the menu, having them hooked up causes the selection to change rapidly without any pressure being applied to the pedals. In game, the vehicle acts as if the gas pedal is fully depressed when no pressure is being applied. I performed the steps recommended on the Mad Catz knowledge base (pressing left d-pad, right d-pad, and x and depressing pedals etc.) and this fixed the in-game 100% gas problem, but the menu issue persists and the in-game controls are not driveable. When viewing the throttle and brake percentages in-game, the pedal application is not smooth. A slight pressure results in numbers that jump all over the place rather than any kind of smooth progression from 0-100%. I performed the Firmware update and it indicated that it was successful. I then performed the calibration recommended for pedal issues again. Unfortunately, the issue remains.

The pedal assembly is quite simple electronically and I believe that the issue could be remedied by fixing a loose connection or something similar in the pedals themselves. Mad Catz support wants be to send them back to be replaced, but they don't have any in stock at the moment and my 2-year warranty is almost up.

Does anyone else have one of these wheels who might have run into a similar problem? I feel like this could be a easy repair for a common problem.

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