Why no sound out?

I have a Sanyo laser HDTV big screen, and an RCA receiver, now

connected RCA cable TV audio out L & R to rec. l & r Input, a 3 RCA cable, and 1 RCA cable simple audio out on TV to rec. No sound at receiver

I have tried 1 HDMI cable , with 1 rca cable from simple audio out on TV to audio in on receiver.

Also I HDMI cable, and audio out L & R on TV to receiver, no sound at receiver. ?

What am I doing wrong?


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Without your model number, i can only guess but is there a setting in the tv setup area - audio section which switches the sound output from TV (internal) to External connections perhaps


jayeff - I went inside but found no set up - switch sound from internal to external.


Hi arkieguide, What is the model number of your TV?


arkieguide, additional to the question that jayeff asked, what model is your receiver and what are you trying to accomplish?


Receiver - RCA - RTD 3133H - to surround sound - it is also a Cd & DVD player.

I would like it to receive and amplify the TV sound.

Play DVD to the TV with surround sound.

Play CD to surround sound

I have the manual for both receiver and TV, and have connected both as they say.

My tv may need to be changed from internal to external surround ?

I am waiting now, on a new remote control for the TV, the old one may be kaput.

When it gets here I will try to change the TV sound output, gbut, Syanyo tech, service, says as soon as the cables are plugged in it shoul;d work, we will see.

Thanks for the reply,s. I will let you kow.


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