Screen Artifacts After Having Replaced MacBook Screen

So, hey guys. About a year ago I dropped my macbook pro (I know, I hated myself so much), and it developed huge cracks, so I used the ifixit guide to replace the screen with a new one successfully.

I have been using it happily for most of that time, but about four months ago I saw a slight flickering showing up at the very bottom of my screen, but ignored it because it was very minor. It was a bar going across the bottom of my screen that flickered and showed afterimages.

Forward to now, and that tiny bar has taken up 4 inches of my screen and is mostly black now, but still shows the right image once in a while. I just tried opening up my computer again and reattaching, cleaning the display connector cable, to no affect.

I'm pretty sure this is a hardware issue, but I don't have the money to buy a new screen. What should I do to make it go away, guys?

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