Will jump from STOP Position to MIX Position

I have a 18 month old kitchenaid stand mixer.

It is 325 Watts Model KSM 155 GBCAO (Artisan Design)

It works perfectly well except recently I noticed it will not stop when I move the lever to the stop position. All other positions of the lever (basically the various speed positions) work. When I put it in the stop position and release the lever from my hand, it jumps back to the very first position (stir) after the STOP and continues spinning.

It will only STOP if I hold the lever in the STOP position and keep holding it.

I called Kitchenaid who will charge me a bundle to have a look at it.

Can someone help me?

by the way, this is my second Kitchenaid stand mixer. the first I got as a wedding present and it lasted 34 years problem free until I decided to give to give to my daughter.

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