Can't activate, no IMEI indicate.

Hello everyone this is my first post. So if i've made some mistakes please forgive me.

I'll try to keep this very straight forward. But there may be lot to read. Anyhow I really need your help and advise.

I have a iphone 5s. It was soaked in water few months ago. But i dried it well and everything works fine after that..

Last week i got the phone unlocked and worked well with another SIM. Originally it was T-Mobile.

But after a little while it starts to show searching for signal on the screen with no IMEI and no Firmware. But sometimes i got signals and everything works well but again it shows searching with nothing(no IMEI no firmware).

Compass and the tilt meter of the phone also stops working. GPS Works fine. WiFi and Bluetooth works fine.

So i disassembled the phone and clean the logic board with rubbing alcohol then dried well and fixed back because i thought it may have to do something with the baseband IC.

But it'a still the same. Now it always indicate as searching without IMEI number and SIM card isn't reading.

When i tried to restore, it gave me error code (-1), but with severel attempts i was able to restore the phone.

But still shows only searching.

Now i can't activate the phone via iTunes or through WiFi.

I didn't jailbreak the phone. With some research i found that this maybe a baseband chip issue as i mentioned earlier. But my warranty is out(that's why i disassembled the phone) and i don't have a apple store near by.

I'm okay with the hardware of the phone. So if any of you guys have any tips on software side or hardware side please tell me.

I really appreciate the help.

I really want to activate the phone. So please help me if you can.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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