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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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wifi chip not work

How to replace wifi chip on a Samsung tab 3 p5210 wifi and what kind of chip can replace with original chip because not work

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How do you know that it is the WiFi IC that has failed? what else did you check?


I had an Internet technician from Comcast here checking my Internet service and he checked my Samsung Galaxy Tab A for me and found that it has a very weak WiFi chip. Considering that it has 16 GB and 3 RAM it should register more than 10 for speed. It could never give what is offered! This is a SCAM!


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Tamim Ba, there are plenty of other components that can be the cause of this. I would suspect the WiFi chip as the last component that may have failed. You do want to check other things out first. Something like this

Block Image

would be my first step.

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