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Acer Aspire One A0751h laptop.

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lcd attachment to motherboard

I just replaced the lcd screen on my aspire one A0751h only to realize that there is a short in the cable at the bottom left that attaches the screen to the motherboard.

First, I don't know what that cable is called.

Then I wonder if it can be repaired or replaced.

As it is now, I get video only if I squeeze the screen frame on the lower left by the left side hinge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Update (01/05/2016)

That is the Video cable which is fine.

The thingy I am needing to replace is the one that goes between the screen and the body of the computer

Block Image

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Is this what you are looking for? You may be able to source it elsewhere now that you know what it is.

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Here is a link to the Service Manual, hopefully this will help you.

I don't know what else goes between the screen and the motherboard except the video cable. Are you sure that it is alright. Your description sounds more like an o/c (open circuit ) wire than a short, and by squeezing the frame it is reconnecting. Perhaps you should try it with the screen and video cable removed from the frame and then reconnected to the motherboard and try flexing the cable at the point where it is near the hinge. If the display goes on and off it indicates a problem with the cable.


Thanks for the link to the manual!!

Now I can get to the cable and see what is going on,


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