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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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Touch ID not working

Ok so I replaced a screen on a iPhone 6 Plus everything went well. After it was done the Touch ID was not reading my finger... home button worked well and all but just wasn't reading my finger. I took it back apart to look over it and I did notice some rust on the speaker and a little bit of corrosion on the home button. I cleaned off the connector and got rid of all the rust and corrosion. Now I put it back together and still the same. I was working before the repair what could have went wrong...

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What was damaged with the phone. Was it water damaged?


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Sounds like water damage to me. You could try cleaning the areas affected by rust and corrosion with 99% Isopropyl alcohol.

I would also highly recommend never to try and update or restore this iPhone or you will end up with error 53!

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This happened to me as well after a friend helped me with a screen replacement.

In my case - I think - it was the home button flex cable.

After replacing this flex cable - my Touch ID is now working again.

Do not take my word for it - but if you can, open it up again and inspect flex cable - and most important - the small connectors.

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