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External USB 160G Hard Drive wont work on 17" G4 PowerBook

PowerBook G4 17" 1.67

The question I have is regarding to a 160GB external hard drive that is in a USB caddy... this laptop will not pick it up and the external drive just sits there making a clicking noise and yet the same USB hard drive works just fine on another old Mac (14"powerbook G3) but it also does not work on a small 12" Ibook G3 either..... Why is this???? and What can I do to get it working on the 17" G4 Powerbook & the G3 Ibook???

Many Thanks

Annie :)))

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The clicking noise is probably the search head going back and forth. There's a tremendous amount of variables here. How was the drive formatted, what systems are you using, cables, ports. In short get the data you need off the drive. My best bet is that you're trying to access a system 9 formatted drive from system 10 with no translations. Also try changing USB ports as some have more power than others. Here's Apple's discussion of the port issue:

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