Why doesn't "back up now" appear in the list anymore?

I have been successfully using Western Digital My Passport Studio to back up my MacBook Pro for some time now. Once it mounts to the desktop, I right click and then select "Back Up Now" from the list of actions. Today when I connected it and it mounted, "Back Up Now" no longer appears in the list and I can't figure out anyway to make it start. It didn't start automatically after waiting, it didn't help anything to unmount it and restart the computer. Any suggestions why this would happen or another way to begin the back up?

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How full is it?


Not even half.


Isi the external hard drive icon showing up on the desktop? Does it show up as a Time Machine drive?


The external hard drive icon does show up on the desktop, but when I right click it, the list that appears no longer includes "back up now".


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