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Replace the F18 key on the extended wired keyboard

Apple wired keyboard

Is it possible to re-attach the F18 function key back onto the Apple extended aluminum wired keyboard?

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Please give us the model number.


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It is possible to replace the key as long as the tabs on the back of the keycap are not broken, the scissor assembly is intact and unbroken and the rubber bumper is still attached.

If the scissor came off with the keycap you will need to disconnect it from the back and attach it to the keyboard first. should look like this:

Block Image

Then snap the keycap back on starting on the left side to seat it on the scissor and finishing by pressing the right side to snap it on.

If it doesn't seat and stay attached there is most likely a broken tab on the keycap or scissor.

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If you need the part I'd go here: Keyboards & KeyCaps


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