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Repair and disassembly guides for guitar amplifiers.

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Why won't my amp work

I have a First Act Maroon 5 222 electric guitar and the amp has stopped working. One of the cords connecting from where the battery connects came off but we fixed that an it still will not work. I do not know how to fix it.

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have you checked, if there are any fuses, if they are blown?


"but we fixed that" how did you fix that?


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Well you have to figure out where you have power and where you don't . So get a small volt meter and check your voltages. Coming out of wall,cord and so on . My guess it's something simple , cords are junk on some of that stuff so that is my guess

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Telling people who obviously have no idea what they're doing to check the voltages from the wall and the back of their amplifiers is a recipe for disaster in my view. I'm all for fixing stuff but a bit of a reality check is needed here I think - at the very least, some safety advice!


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