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The first generation of the Chevrolet Equinox, a crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on General Motors' Theta platform.

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Everything turns on car won't start?

I was jumping my truck off using my wife's 09 equinox when the truck started I was diconecting the jumper cables when smoke started coming from the wires on thCPU box on top of the battery the car shut off and will not start up everything comes on gauges radio etc. But car will not crank no click sounds nothing what is going on?

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If you had smoke coming from the ECM which sits on top of the battery you've toasted it and will probably need to replace it. To test it get a OBDII reader and see if it will read anything at all. If it does check for codes and go from there


Im having exactly the same problem.


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Check the START fuse (#15) and the CRNK relay (#55) in the underhood fuse block. Sometimes, when jumpstarting (which you should not do with these vehicles), the voltage can back into your starter circuit and blow the fuse or relay.

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Start with easy stuff when you're diagnosing a problem. Power, ground, fuses, etc... If you gauges and such are working, then don't get roped into thinking the pcm is bad. You may have had some wires that got hot and melted some plastic inside the cover.

Check the starter for 12V. Cross the two big lugs on the solenoid. If it cranks, then there is a problem in the START circuit.

Also check the diode in the fuse block.


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There is an internal ground in the brain box (ecu) above the battery. Run a ground wire from one of the holes in the corner of ECU to a good ground that is not too long a run of wire. I used 12ga wire with 5/16th eyelets. I used 1/4" x 1" bolt to attach from ECU to the bolt that holds the upper grill in place. It came out about 12" long. You can replace the ECU if you like and just use this as a test.

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You fried the cpu and if you get the number off the cup and call a junk yard they can find you the right one for way cheaper then a new one and works just as

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