iPod won't turn off and other problems.

Okay so I'm gonna start from the beginning. My iPod tends to shut down and crash sometimes just for no reason, but usually if I leave it alone for a day or two and turn it on it will show the low battery icon and it will charge it up and turn on and work for a few days and it's fine. Also my home button is broken. But today I was clearing my apps running in the background and all of a sudden it froze, and I locked it and it wouldn't turn on. So I left it alone for a few minutes, and then I tried turning it on and it wouldn't, and I just held the power button on and didn't let it go, and it didn't give me the option to unlock it just showed the screen where it was frozen on and i cant power it down, it doesn't give me the option to, BUTTT it still responds to my touch like I can pull down the notification center and everything and my assistive touch still works and Siri works and my control center works, but none of the options like the camera and calculator or stopwatch works, butttt the flash like works so I'm not sure what to do. I have a lot of pictures and everything that i don't want to lose please help me and I'm so sorry this is a long description.

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Do you use power button to shut down or sleep command there is a big difference and the wrong usage may be reason for crashing all the time--- if nothing else hard reset and re programming may solve issues


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