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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Is it possible to add a SATA port to connect external drives

Is it possible to remove the optical drive of a MacBook white unibody and connect a SATA extension cable where it was connected to the motherboard?

The SATA extension cable would stick out thru the CD entry. this way one could had a SATA port to connect external hard drives faster than by the usb 2.0 ports!

I don't understand much about electronics so I'm sorry if it's a stupid question.

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Sorry, not really practical, your run the risk of damaging your system and the drive from live disconnections/connections as well as ESD.

I would recommend you look at converting the optical drive to a second drive. Review this IFIXIT guide: Installing MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Dual Hard Drive.

Or, if you really want something external look at an Ethernet connected drive setup (NAS) like this: DiskStation DS716+

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Thank you for your super fast answer. I thought before on converting the optical drive but would prefer to have a port that would let me swap discs. I would like to have a Mac OS X running from an external hdd that I would use for audio and it would be clean of all other apps and stuff I would have on my everyday system, I probably wouldn't even use it to surf the internet. I already do this with a usb3 external hdd but since my ports are usb2 I don't get much speed out of it. Even so it works ok but connecting it thru sata would be great... I don't think I can be running Mac OS from a NAS device. If I use the method I described in the first place and having the external hdd in a case with a sata port do you think it would be any worst in terms of damaging the system from live disconnections than a USB external hdd?


I think you got this backwards, You want to keep the OS on the local HD (SATA port) as you want it to be the fastest port. Your data including audio files should be stored on the external NAS as it's the next fastest port if you want it removable. Frankly, I would look at upgrading your system to one that offers faster local I/O ports (FireWire 800 or Thunderbolt or USB3) or look at just upgrading your internal drive to a better drive. Given the fact you want lots of stuff and you want speed I would go with a large SSD (1 or 2 TB) then get the external NAS as your backup server.


Hi dan, thank you again for your prompt answers. It happens that I really want to have a copy of Mac OS running from an external drive and for now I can't update my system to one with faster ports. The truth being I want to have a version of Mac OS running in an external hdd so I can have any pirate software there so my internal drive is clean and legit. I'll use this laptop to play live and I'll for sure have it inspected sooner or later so a version of Mac OS with all the software I use professionally would be in the internal drive and then have the external hdd to try other software as a home user. I thought installing the sata port thru the optical drive would be a good idea after coming upon this:

It's done on an iMac but I guess it would not be that different on a MacBook.

Thanks for all your effort answering me and I'm sorry if my lack of knowledge is somehow not making me see obvious problems on this plan!


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