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Standard and high definition handheld video cameras by Sony.

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Pinch roller fell off

The pinch roller came off my Sony Handycam. I read that I need a locking nut to hold it on. Any idea where I can get a locking nut for Sony Handycam CCD-TRV308? The roller looks fine.

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Use 3mm of the end of the tube of a ballpoint pen, make sure you measure, and make sure it is the clean part.

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I own a Sony DCR-TRV14E miniDV camera that i bought ca. 18 years ago. Also here the pinchroller came off.

I tried the ballpoint trick. It sounded very promising, but it didn’t work in the end because the hole of the tube was too big to fit and hold the pinchroller in its place. But a very creative idea indeed that put me on the right track!

I finally managed to repair the camera by using the plastic outside of an electric cable that i stripped off and that fit nicely around the capstan. (Tried a few cables before i found the right one)

So for everyone looking for a solution and getting no support from Sony at all: this works!

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I see now that your Handycam is 2ce as big as mine. So this solution is for people who have a miniDV camera with the pinch roller loose....


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