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Ce Power Mac G4 est muni de "Mirrored Drive Doors" qu'on pourrait traduire par "Porte de lecteur miroir".

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How to replace the battery?

I have got a PowerMac G4 MDD, i tested it, you hear the chime. I didn't had a DVI cable. Now i have a DVI to VGA adapter, turned it on, the powerbutton goes on and then off. No startup chime or everything on the screen. Everyone says replace the battery, but which battery is that?

Thank you

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Like almost every computer, the G4 has a backup battery for the Real Time Clock & Bios RAM.

In most computers, this is a coin cell, but the G4 has a 1/2AA lithium battery. It is located on the motherboard, next to the AGP slot - the pink cylindrical object in the photo. Replace with IS 14250 C or equivalent.

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