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I have a 1986 club cart

I bought a club car 1986 with the flat head motor it was running had a little nap to address it around the block and it just quit you push the pedal the motor still turns but dont start seems like it lost compression

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First thing that I'd check is to see if it's getting fuel. Check the fuel filter as well. You'll need to narrow down if it's a spark issue or a fuel issue. Fuel issue= take hose off at carb or if you can see filter and it's a clear type, look to see if fuel is moving while someone try's to start it. Spark issue= Use a pair of pliers with rubber or insulated handles and pull off the spark plug wire and hold it about 1/4 inch off of the head or block. Have someone crank it and see if spark jumps across.

See if one of those are the issue. Good luck.

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with the 1986 club car flat head motor I took the head off the motor you can push the piston down with your hand but it won't come back up when you turn the motor I need some type of diagram or video of how to take and get to the piston rod and camshaft


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