Display is faint on one side

Hi. I've the same issue but on left side of the screen. Sometimes, the lamp is working when I switch on my Macbook but it switch off after 5 minutes.

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Thank you Dan. I've created an answer yet, you can delete it.

My Macbook Unibody Late 2008's (Macbook 5,1 A1278) LED Screen doesn't work properly. When I switch on my Macbook the left lamp is off and the right is on but with a lower brightness then when I bought it. Sometimes, the lamp switch on but get off after 5 minutes. Sometimes the lamp return to the factory brightness but switch off after 10 minutes. What I've to change? The LVSD cable or the inverter? Maybe the LED or the logic board?

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Mario - Please edit your question with all of your systems details as the question you attached yours was just too old to carry forward.


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